Rive Gauche:

Cognac Style toasting, witch preserves natural wood tannin, without overt smokiness for long term ageing of big varietals. This is a low toast equivalent to a medium long toast equivalent to medium long toast (MLT).

Rive Droite:

Longer and deeper than the ‘rive ‘gauche to yield sweet toasts flavors and less tannin impact for mid-term ageing. This is what you would know as medium toast (MT).


Designed to break down most barrel tannin’s and create a soft, round mouth feel. This long, slow toast shows respect for the fruit. This is what you know as medium plus long (MPL).


  • 225L American Oak Fine Grain
  • 300L American Oak Fine Grain
  • 225L French Oak Extra Fine Grain
  • 225L French Oak Fine Grain
  • 300L French Oak Fine Grain 
  • 500L French Oak Fine Grain  



  • French Oak Powder – Neutral Toast
  • French Oak Powder – Medium Toast
  • Oak chips – French & American Oak – Small Size (Medium Toast)
  • Dominos – French & American Oak – Medium Size (Medium Toast) 
  • Staves 12mm – American Oak – Medium Toast
  • Staves 12mm – French Oak – Medium Toast